New Ocean

by Larry Stepniak



Lately I've been obsessed with drones. This particular drone was built from data bending a file that was related to the Mercury program. I've had it for a while and almost published it as a standalone drone. It is built on the premise of the visual phenomena known as color after effect, where if you stare at a color and then remove the color the after effect will show the opposite color (green - magenta, yellow - blue). This happens because your eye is viewing the color as green relative to magenta. When the green is removed there is an overcompensation which appears as magenta. The drone here has a fundamental frequency that is constant. There are other details going on as well. As your ear compensates for this frequency the other details become more apparent. The longer you listen, the more you hear the variation. While I find this completely fascinating and can listen to the drone itself for the full hour happily experiencing this phenomenon, I can't really expect everyone to do the same. When NASA released the audio from the different programs into the public domain I thought it was a perfect pairing. So now there is the drone and sounds from Mercury. It is still easy to hear the effects of the drone theory, but now there is more info to stimulate the brain while this is happening. Enjoy!


released April 11, 2015

Larry Stepniak - databending, samples



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